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Stündenglass Tips & Tricks

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What is cold smoke infusion?

Cold smoking infuses food and beverages with smoky flavor while using no heat. Unlike hot smoking, you're not cooking the food. You burn wood chips, spices, or herbs in the chamber and the Stündenglass pushes filtered and cooled smoke into the sealed cloche. By the time the smoke reaches the food or beverage, the heat has dissipated, leaving just the flavor. The Stündenglass is not intended for longer smoke infusion sessions, but are meant to ‘finish’ an already cooked or prepared food or drink.

Smoking Food & Beverage

How do I smoke a beverage? How do I smoke food?
  • Place beverage cloche base on table next to unit.
  • Attach one end of the hose to the magnetic port on the cloche base, attach the other end of hose to the infuser stem.
  • Place the drink or food on the base and cover with the glass cloche.
  • Fill the chamber with wood chips. Rotate the unit and start burning the wood chips when water begins to drain. Rotate again to push the smoke into the cloche. Continue to rotate and ignite wood chips to push out more smoke.
  • Carefully remove the glass cloche to reveal smoked drink or food.
What is the benefit of smoking food and beverages?

The benefits of smoking food and beverages are to infuse a smoky flavor, aroma and heighten the visual experience of presenting any dish or drink. The Stündenglass percolators filter and cool the smoke, to not alter the temperature of the food or beverage. This is considered ‘cold-smoking’ or ‘finishing smoke’.